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Norine's Columns

In her Los Angeles Times column, “Multicultural Manners,” Norine Dresser regularly identified diverse customs from around the world and introduced readers to cultural do’s and don’ts. Years of studying diverse cultural customs led to her book, “Come As You Aren't! - Feeling at Home with Multicultural Celebrations.

In 1998, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations recognized her groundbreaking “Multicultural Manners - Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st Century” and her Los Angeles Times columns (running from 1993 to 2001), with the John Anson Ford Award for their contributions to resolving intergroup conflict in diverse workplace and neighborhood environments.

For over thirty years, Norine Dresser has focused her research, writing and university teaching on cultural customs and beliefs and how they have the potential for creating miscommunication. Not only has she authored numerous published books and articles on the subject, but she also wrote the eight-year-running Los Angeles Times column, “Multicultural Manners,” that received the 1998 Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations Award for easing intergroup conflicts in diverse workplace and neighborhood environments.

Sample columns from the Los Angeles Times:

“Crying and Laughing”
Menacingly, the Sumo wrestlers remove the babies from their mothers’ arm and life them high overhead. When they make scary faces at the infants, the babies cry, yet their parents are delighted, especially the one whose baby cries the loudest.… (read more)

“Yes or No?"
Covering the Albanian up-rising, American reporters in Tirana, the capital, ask a driver if he can take them to the airport. The driver shakes his head, “no,” so they look for another driver and receive the sam response.….(read more)

“Not All Temples Are the Same”
During the holidays, Bill Cooper, an insurance company employee, purchases a gift for his boss, Mr. Marshall. Cooper has often heard Marshall talk about his temple, so he buys a Hanukkah card to go wit the gift and has all the employees sign it….(read more)

“Remaining Safe From the Remains”
A 16-year-old girl brings a heart-shaped box to her Arizona high school English class. The box contains the cremated remains of the girl’s mother, who died two years before…. (read more)