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American VampiresNorine Dresser's lively exploration of the symbolism and role of vampires in the U.S. was awarded the 1989 Best Literature Award from the Count Dracula Society. Interest in the book was evident when Norine made a special guest appearance with George Hamilton on an internationally televised two-hour show, “Dracula, Live from Transylvania,” taped in Hungary.

The vampires led her down their bloody path—as she was a guest scholar of the Ministry of Tourism at the groundbreaking First World Dracula Congress in Romania. She also became a committee member for “Dracula 97,” celebrating the centennial publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Interest in the vampire never dies. As a recognized authority on vampires and a card-carrying member of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula and Patron of the Vampire Empire, Norine regularly consults and makes frequent media appearances about the phenomenon on such venues as HBO; KCBS; The Learning Channel; Fox Family TV; UPN-TV; KNBC-TV; the SciFi Cable Channel, the Women’s Entertainment Channel.


Reviews of American Vampires:

“Why are we so obsessed with this evil creature? Why is the vampire such big business? How this media exploitation of the vampire icon has come about is Dresser’s main impetus in her journalistic investigations. Her writing is touched with enough tongue-in-cheek to impart appeal to any reader intrigued by everything you’ve always wanted to know about vampires but were afraid to ask.”

West Coast Review of Books

“It’s an easy-to-read book most people can sink their teeth into.”

Indianapolis News

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